Manage Savings

Why JBAS Asset Management?

The typical balanced portfolio returned between 6%-7% per year over the last 20 years, but the average investor over the last 20 years had a return of just over 2%*. I believe that the largest reason that individual investors struggle to manage savings is that they don’t know or understand what they own. Financial illiteracy causes investors to become overly exuberant during strong markets and causes them to panic during weak markets.

At Justin Boucher Advisory Services I do more than managing savings, I provide semi-annual reviews that focus on financial literacy as well as in-depth discussion regarding our investment decisions. My goal is to have our investors know and feel comfortable with their investments.

Questions to Ask Your Current Financial Advisor

What are you doing about interest rate risk?

How are you hedging against currency fluctuations?

What are all of the fees that you are paying?

*JP Morgan Guide to the Markets Q1 2017