What the Heck is a Hedge?

The word hedge has started to develope a poor reputation in recent years. A hedge fund is a company of corrupt overpaid Wall Street suits like Martin Shkreli… according to some people. People also use the term “Hedging my bet.” What I have found is that many people don’t understand the meaning of hedge, but […]

Cash Flow is King in your 30s

At some point in most peoples’ 30s they have a clearer picture of where their life is going. For a person who graduates with a four year college degree for instance, by the time they are in their mid 30s they have about 10 years of professional experience. Assuming a person has used their 20s […]

We are open for business

Justin Boucher Advisory Services is open for business! Interactive Brokers has approved my application. Before I start taking on brand new clients I am starting by moving my accounts as well as existing Merrill Edge Clients. If you would like to schedule an appointment I do still encourage you to schedule an appointment.