3 Reasons Why Your Financial Advisor is Too Old

3 Reasons Why Your Financial Advisor is Too Old

Suitability vs Fiduciary In my previous post about the DoL ruling, I mentioned that as of this year your financial advisor is required to act as a fiduciary with regard to retirement accounts. Before the DOL ruling, financial advisors just needed to determine if an investment was suitable for a client. What does that tell […]

Financial Planning for Newly Weds

Financial Planning for Newly Weds

According to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the third leading reason for divorce is money issues. In today’s culture money is one of, if not the most taboo of conversations. Even if you don’t talk about religion or politics much with your spouse, you most likely know their religious and political biases. Do you […]

5 Reasons for Financial Planning in your 50s

A person in their 50s is in a unique situation when it comes to planning for retirement. A person in their 50s most likely has established their career as well as their lifestyle, yet they still have 10-20 years before retirement. Having a relatively stable lifestyle with retirement in the not too distant future makes […]

3 Finance Questions You Should be able to Answer

On August 2nd, Freakonomics radio did an episode titled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Money (But Were Afraid to Ask).” In the episode description, they state roughly 70% of Americans are financially illiterate. This stat is a big reason why I work as a financial advisor and believe it is an important profession. […]

What the Heck is a Hedge?

The word hedge has started to develope a poor reputation in recent years. A hedge fund is a company of corrupt overpaid Wall Street suits like Martin Shkreli… according to some people. People also use the term “Hedging my bet.” What I have found is that many people don’t understand the meaning of hedge, but […]

Cash Flow is King in your 30s

At some point in most peoples’ 30s they have a clearer picture of where their life is going. For a person who graduates with a four year college degree for instance, by the time they are in their mid 30s they have about 10 years of professional experience. Assuming a person has used their 20s […]