Edible Pedal

On Sunday Abe, Logan, Ben, and I rode in the Edible Pedal for the first time. We did the intermediate course which goes from Bower’s Mansion to Genoa and back. 54 miles and over 2,000 ft in elevation gain later we got some good barbecue, a beer, and a massage. The Edible Pedal was put on by the Reno Sunrise Rotary and they did a fantastic job. I still don’t know how people do the full 100-mile ride up Kingsbury Grade into Lake Tahoe.











About Justin Boucher

Since 2011 I have been working in the financial industry. I worked for three different financial advisory firms before going independent. In working for various firms I was able to pick and choose what I did and did not like about financial advisory practices and incorporate it into Justin Boucher Advisory Services. Coupling asset management with a dynamic financial plan is key to financial success.

Nowadays it is common for entrepreneurs to be college dropouts, but I, in fact, did graduate from the University of Nevada with a BS in business administration. I enjoyed college so much I decided to go back to the University of Nevada and received my MBA with a focus in finance.

I put together a 5-step process that helps professionals make sure they get where they want to go with their finances.