Yard Makeover Part 3

Other than reseeding the portion of the backyard that I left grass, I have pretty much completed the renovations to the front and backyard. In the front yard we have the dry creek that I made with the flat stones and pot that were left in the backyard by the previous tenants. We purchased the river rocks that outline the creek as well as the DG that surrounds it.

 Frontyard Complete

In the backyard I filled the majority of the yard with DG with a border of Pavers that I spray painted Silver and Blue. In higher traffic areas under the Pergola, by the grill, and the back door I used the rest of the pavers as a pathway. I set up the 5 raised beds in the back with solar lights on the posts closest to the house. The heat lamp, table and chairs, and hammock were given to us by one of Kristen’s coworkers. The firepit I simply created out of retaining wall bricks and created a base inside with pavers and DG. The Pergola came in a kit which I would highly recommend. Even in a kit, building the pergola is an all day project. At some point we will probably use pathway stabilizer on the DG in the backyard to make the DG more solid, but for now with the pavers it seems to work fine. I’m excited to start having some back yard BBQs.

Backyard hammock

Backyard fire pit and heat lamp

Backyard table and chairs

Backyard Left

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