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Helping tech employees get the most out of their benefits and prepare for retirement

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Justin Boucher Advisory Services

Helping tech employees get the most out of their benefits and prepare for retirement

My method factors in the historical volatility of the market, so you can see whether your financial plan is robust enough to stand up to the worst we’ve seen in the history of the stock market.

I offer fee-only investment management with semi-annual reviews that focus on financial literacy as well as in-depth discussion regarding investment decisions.  

I help you create, execute and monitor a customized student loan plan.  

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help even when you are supposed to know what you are doing.

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Why Do Students Cheat and Presidents Campaign?

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What I Do

Justin BoucherI help employees at technology firms navigate through their often complex financial journey so that they don’t have to worry about making big mistakes.

Do you really understand all of your compensation package?

  • How does your equity compensation work?
  • What are the implications of long-term performance-based incentive plans to your net worth and taxation?
  • When might be a good time to exercise your stock options?
  • How do non-qualified stock options work?
  • How should your 401(K) holdings be invested?
  • How can I pay less in taxes?

My name is Justin Boucher and, among other things, I help people solve these challenges and plenty of others. I have worked with highly compensated executives since 2011 and have gained an intimate knowledge of several technology companies. I understand the complexity of these issues and have helped high-level professionals lay the course for a more confident financial journey.

Would you like…

  • More proactive advice to reduce taxes?
  • Real-time decision making help on common and potentially life-changing financial issues?
  • Maximize your personal finances, rather than just rebalance your portfolio?
  • Pay off student loans faster or plan for college for your kids?
  • Get the most out of your equity compensation?
  • Implement an investment strategy that may help you retire sooner than you thought?
  • Spend less time trying to figure this out and more time doing the things that matter?

We can discuss solutions that you can begin implementing right away.

Let’s talk one-on-one. Click here to schedule a non-invasive 30-minute chat.

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