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What’s Brewin at the Brewers Cabinet


A friend mine just flew into Reno for the weekend for his Birthday. In celebration, 2 other friends and I decided to take out our friend to dinner at The Brewer’s Cabinet. The Brewer’s Cabinet is a nano-brewpub designed with the idea of creating fresh, exciting and unique beers. The Brewer’s Cabinet also offers a fresh local menu with an emphasis on quality ingredients.

 The atmosphere

As we entered the restaurant we were kindly met by a young lady who promptly found us an empty booth to sit at. Our waiter promptly came over to great us as well as serving each of us a glass on water in a mason jar. I began to look around and noticed that the whole restaurant has a very earthy feel. Everything from the booths, to the bar, to the walls are all made from well finished planks of wood. Behind the bar, the kegs of beer are propped up horizontally on-top of the counter. The outdoor patio was currently closed, but their is a small bay door that opens when the patio is open.

Drink selection

For drinks The Brewer’s Cabinet offers a full bar including beer, wine, and liquor. At the table their is a drink menu, but the rotating menu of home brewed draft beers are on the wall by the entrance. Being a fan of hops, I could not resist ordering their imperial IPA “Twenty One”. The “Twenty One” had a strong bitterness to it, and also allowed for the malt flavors to enter as well.

The food

Goat Cheese Pasta DishFor an appetizer we ordered the tater tots. Of all the things to order I couldn’t figure out why we ordered tater tots at a restaurant like this… until I tasted one. The tater tots are actually made by frying balls of mashed potatoes. They are then glazed in a special sauce, ketchup, green onions, and then topped with a fried egg. It is an interesting and tasty twist on an old classic.

For the main course we got two orders of the Agnolotti Pasta, a B.C. Burger, and an order of the Beer Battered Artichoke Hearts. The B.C. Burger comes with applewood smoked bacon, San Jouchinn cheddar, and roasted garlic mayo all between a pretzel bun. The artichoke hearts are lightly battered allowing the true taste of the moist artichoke heart to come out. The Agnolotti Pasta is stuffed with wild mushrooms and goat cheese and is topped with peas and roasted squash in a lemon butter sauce. I ate the Agnolotti Pasta and found it to be quite flavorful and not overly heavy.

The bottom line

Overall The Brewer’s Cabinet is an enjoyable place to spend an evening with great service coupled with both tasty food and beverages. For four people our bill was just under $100. SoSu.TV has also done a great video review of The Brewer’s Cabinet. If you have been to The Brewer’s Cabinet please let me know how your experience was.


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