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Wolf Pack Baseball

Fresno State came into town for a three game series over the weekend so I made plans with some friends to catch one of the games. We ended up catching the Saturday afternoon game. The game started at 1:00, but we didn’t get their until 1:20. Upon arriving I was surprised that the front parking lot was full and we ended up having to park in the dirt.

The atmosphere

university of nevada reno wolf pack baseballTheir is something about going to a Wolf Pack Baseball game that is considerably different than a Reno Aces game. Besides the substantially larger crowds, the fans at Wolf Pack games are generally their to watch baseball. Aces games feel much more like a social experience with some baseball in the background.

As we walked into the park I was impressed to see a decent turn out for the game. I was especially impressed with the number of Fresno St. fans that made it out. We stood against the left field fence to watch the game. As the game was being played fans for both teams were able to make themselves heard pretty well. There were even a couple of hecklers giving the coaches, players, and umpires a hard time.

The game

The game turned out to be pretty exciting. The Wolf Pack were up 2-0 going into the sixth inning. In the top of the sixth the Bull Dogs brought in six runs to take a substantial lead. The Wolf Pack managed to bring in two more in the eighth inning. In the bottom of the ninth UNR got two more runs and ended up winning the game on a bases loaded walk.

The bottom line

I had a lot of fun. On a Saturday afternoon it fun to relax and watch Wolf Pack baseball game. I like the no frills atmosphere of Peccole park. What is your preference, Aces or Wolf Pack?


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Reno Downtowners Toastmasters

reno downtowners toastmasters 1On Tuesday I went to my Toastmasters group like I do every Tuesday at 12:15 at the Round Table in the Old Town Mall. I try (usually unsuccessfully) to show up to my group 15 minutes early so I can order my food and socialize a bit before the meeting starts. Tuesday I actually managed to show up early, ordered my usual ham sandwich, and sat down and chatted with some of the other members as we waited for the meeting to begin.

We started off the meeting on time with an invocation, the pledge of allegiance, the word of the day, and then the joke of the day. I loved the joke of the day:

“Two lawyers are walking down the street. One lawyers looked at the other and said, “lets be honest with one another for a moment.” The conversation ended.

reno downtowners toastmasters 2After our joke of the day we went into Table Topics. Table topics is when the Table Topics Master gives a topic and then calls on someone to talk about it for one to two and a half minutes. On Tuesday all of the table topics where based around sleep. The members who got called on all ended up giving good speech the didn’t put me to sleep (haha). A guest of the meeting was called on with the topic “Insomnia Remedy” and gave a great speech about his son that could not sleep, because he was allergic to his mother breast milk and would scratch all night.

reno downtowners toastmasters 3The first of the two prepared speeches was one of our newer member’s “Ice Breaker” speech. He started by giving us quick biography on himself. From their he brought out his violin and played some excerpts for us while explaining his history playing music.

The second speech was from one of our more senior members. He told a story about his college days playing in the UNR orchestra. He talked about how he went to UNR on a music scholarship, but upon arriving stopped practicing his instrument. He then finished the speech by relating the experience back to Toastmasters and speaking.

As usual I had fun at my Toastmasters group. Personally my public speaking has improved from the group. I encourage you to check out a Toastmasters group for yourself.


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March Madness at Pizza Reno

On Saturday amidst the March Madness I received a call from one of my friends telling me to meet them at Pizza Reno. I was already downtown taking pictures for my brand video so I though I would stop by, say hello, and watch some college hoops. As I do with any business I walk into now, I whipped out my phone, opened Evernote, and started taking notes and snapping pictures.

The atmosphere

Though I had been here a number of times before, I have never taken the time to really examine Pizza Reno. The outside has a small patio area with a few tables and chairs. Inside Pizza Reno offers a unique atmosphere. Not Texas Road House unique where they throw up a bunch of old western stuff and a few beer signs and call it unique. I mean Reno unique.

On the wall to the right is a long shelf with various artifacts like old lanterns and a sheep skull. Under the shelf is a number of different pictures of Reno from before my time. Between these pictures is a case with all different chips and matches from casinos in the area.

pizza renoOn the other side is the bar. Behind the bar are shelves of empty Fireball bottles. Every time somebody finishes a bottle of Fireball they get to sign, draw, or doodle what ever they want on the bottle to be displayed.

The menu

In addition to pizza Pizza Reno also offers hotdogs and chicken wings. The bar is more extensive than most pizza places with a full selection of liquor, wine, and six different beers on draft. Unfortunately I had just eaten so I didn’t get to try a slice of pizza.

The bottom line

Pizza Reno offers an atmosphere unique to Reno where customers can casually come in and grab a slice and a beer. Please let me know of some other great pizza places in Reno.


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Relax and Look Good at Tres Image

I am not very picky when it comes to hair cuts. My standard hair cut is a #4 on top with a #2 on the sides, so usually my hair cuts are either from whichever one of my friends I can talk into buzzing my hair or taking a trip down the street to Super Cuts.

I just recently got a new job, and my roommate who does nails at Tres Image offered to buy me a haircut at her salon to celebrate. I accepted her offer and she set the appointment.

The salon

Tres_Image_Salon_Reno_NevadaThe salon is located by Sparky’s on the west side of town on 4th and McCarran. When you drive up to the Salon, it looks like a bland stucco house with a couple of faded pictures of sheik haircuts in the windows. When you walk in however, the feel is quite different.

The entire salon is clean with a very open feel to it. Directly in front of you are shelves with all of the different shampoos and conditioners they sell as well as a number of purses and handbags. I pretty much just buy Procter and Gamble everything and don’t often wear a purse so I didn’t pay to much attention. I did notice however that they had stickers next to each product stating which stylist recommends which product. I thought this gave the products a much more personal feel.

The experience

The treatment I received was far beyond what I get a Super Cuts. After checking in I was asked what I would like to drink. I was a little surprised so I asked what they had. The lady proceeded to lis off a number of drinks including Coke, Diet Coke, Coors Light, white wine, and a number of others. Though sucking down a cold one was tempting, 3:00 was a little early for me to start drinking. The lady politely asked me to sit down in the waiting area as she went to get my drink.

Soon after, another lady came and brought me to the sink to wash my hair before I got my cut. The wash felt much more like a head massage and was quite relaxing compared to my frantic scrubbing before work every morning. I was then seated for my hair cut. I told described my usual buzz cut and that I wanted something a little more stylish. He pondered for a bit and then went to work. He made the hair cut enjoyable with good small talk. Most importantly I came out with a good haircut.

The bottom line

Tres Image is a bit more expensive than your standard salon, but if you are looking to treat yourself the money is well worth it. Please let me know about some other great salon experiences that you may have had.

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Monday Night Karaoke

Nothing says party quite like getting all of your friends together and going out for some good old fashioned karaoke. The Brew Brothers bar inside The Eldorado has taken karaoke to another level. On Monday nights at 10:00 Brew Brothers has karaoke with a live band.

My roommate her sister and I decided to check out the live karaoke at The Brew Brothers last night. Apparently ladies get a free drink on weeknights  which helped start the night off right for my roommate and her sister.

The karaoke

karaoke brew brothers eldorado reno nevadaAs we walked in, someone could easily have told me that Cher herself was up their singing “Believe”. As the night went on I was sorely reminded of the reality of karaoke as a couple proceeded to butcher “Time of Your Life” from Dirty Dancing. The pain continued through a terrible rendition of “Purple Rain” by Prince. Half the fun of karaoke though is watching people turn once loved classics into humiliating displays of drunken singing.

The band consists of an eclectic group with guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and the host. With the exception of a few vocalists, the bad sounded pretty good. On the floor they had a bubbly lady walking around, talking to people, and giving them a song list and sign up sheet. Although the crowd was a bit light, because it was the day after St. Patrick’s day, they managed to keep some energy in the air.

The menu

brew brothers eldorado reno nevadaOne of my favorite things about The Brew Brothers is of course the brews. The Brew Brothers offers eight different micro brews. My favorite beer is their IPA. They also offer a full menu of liquor and an assortment of Ferrari-Carano wines.

If you come to The Brew Brothers earlier they offer a full food menu as well. The only thing I have eaten their is their delicious pizza, but they also off a variety of appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, various entrees, as well as mexican food.

The bottom line

I usually have a great time at The Brew Brothers and Monday nights are no exception. They combine a fun atmosphere with delicious drinks. Next time you are looking for something to do on a Monday night give The Brew Brothers a try. What are some of your favorite karaoke spots in Reno?

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Good Mexican Food at Alderto’s

If you are anything like me, then you constantly on the lookout for a new mexican restaurant. For me it can’t be a fancy sit down restaurant, but at the same time it can’t be too authentic to the point where I can barely communicate with anybody there. I have recently found a happy medium with a place by my house called Alderto’s.

The restaurant

aldertos front counter reno nevadaWhen you walk in to Alderto’s it is very clean with plenty of room to sit. As with any “real” mexican restaurant, you walk up to the counter and order instead of being waited on. Every time I have gone to Alderto’s, the person behind the counter has always been nice and even offered some of their favorite dishes. Alderto’s also has a drive through that is open until 11:00 pm making it a good alternative to Del Taco or Taco Bell for those late night munchies.

The food

Alderto’s has a pretty extensive menu including a breakfast menu. They offer a number of different platters as well as tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, camarones, empanziados, and tortas. They offer most of the usual meats like carne asada and chile verde, but unlike other mexican restaurants like Los Gallos they don’t have the meats like cabeza and lengua for the hard core mexican food fans. My recent favorite at Alderto’s has been the fish burrito.

As with any good Mexican restaurant, Alderto’s has a great salsa bar with both red and green salsas, pico de gall, and pickled jalapenos and carrots. They also offers mexican drinks like jamaica, piña, horchata, and a variety of jarritos flavors.

The bottom line

If you looking for some inexpensive authentic mexican food, Alderto’s is the place to go. Please let me know of some other great mexican restaurants in Reno.

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Getting Serious with Beer Pong

Beer pong is now much more than a bunch of 19 year old using any excuse to chug beer in their parents garage. It is now gradually moving towards become a legitimate sport. From July 1-3 is hosting a beer pong tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel. $250 gets your team a shot at $100,000 minimum prize pool. When it comes to playing Beer Pong however, most of us would probably prefer something in between playing in somebody’s garage and a three day tournament in Las Vegas.

The Cal Neva

cal neva beer pong reno nevadaOn the weekends The Cal Neva hosts its own Beer Pong tournaments. $20 gets your team entry into the tournament, two pitchers of beer, $10 in “action chips”, and two raffle tickets. They generally raffle off $25 in action chips, $50 cash, and promotional items. The Cal Neva holds the tournaments on the third floor by the sports book. In-order to sign up you have to check-in before 10:00 pm. They use The World Series of Beer Pong rules for their tournaments.

The Cal Neva provides a “unique” atmosphere. Being next to the sports book, the entire area is covered in sports decor. Having been around since 1962, The Cal Neva has managed to maintain a certain smokey odor. Also, I think the combination of cheap drinks, cheap tables, and now cheap beer pong attracts some “colorful” people.

The bottom line

Overall if you are comfortable with The Cal Neva’s atmosphere, their beer pong tournaments can be a fun way to spend an evening. Harrah’s just down the street also runs beer pong tournaments on the weekends if The Cal Neva is not your scene. Please let me know your thoughts.

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