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iPhone is Cooking

I was preparing my first batch of Kombucha last night and I accidentally set the pot with the tea on top of my phone which was on one of the burners on my stove. I proceeded to put the stove on high heat. I began to smell melting plastic and noticed a black liquid dripping from the bottom of the pot. I picked up the pot and screamed as I saw my phone on the stove. I immediately brushed the phone off the stove and onto the ground. While the case was mutilated the phone seemed to be in good shape. The phone was scalding hot to the touch. When I pressed the home button the phone informed me that I needed to let it cool before I used it. I let the phone cool off, and I rebooted it for good measure. Astonishingly my iPhone 7 works perfectly, and I posted this blog post from it.

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