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Toronto Day 1

You know you aren’t having good luck when you are lost and you drive down a street that forks, but both streets are one way streets going towards you.


My dorm room for the week and the view from it.

A Canadian dinner in China Town.

They need a bar like this in Reno

The tower looks amazing at night

Old school


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Last night my parents and I went to Pho Mein in the Eldorado for dinner. We got in around 9:30 so it was pretty much empty with the exception of one couple finishing up their meal. We walked up to the counter and ordered. My dad and I ordered pho bowls and my mom ordered the Shrimp & Chicken Vermicelli. I like to go out all out with my pho so I ordered the #1 with rare steak, well done brisket, fat brisket, tendon, and tripe. Since we were in an asian restaurant I had to get a Sapporo  with my meal as well.

Considering we had the whole place to our selves, we found the closest table to the TV and caught then end of the Giants game. Unfortunately, the Eldorado places ads for various slot machines that take up a third of the already small TV on during the game.

pho mein eldorado reno nevadaOur food came out soon after we sat down. I found the broth in my pho bowl to already be flavorful, so with the exception of a little red rooster, I didn’t have add much in the way of sauces. My mom’s dish came with a side of their hot fish sauce which must have been pretty good since half way through her meal she had to ask for a second cup of. Through out the meal the staff came over a couple of times to make sure everything was alright and to see if we needed anything. I think it helped that we were the only ones there.

The menu

In addition to pho, Pho Mein offers soups, appetizers, stir fired and cold noodle dishes, various rice dishes, salads, and even subs. I have only had their pho, but I haven’t had much reason to try anything else, because their pho is always good.

They have a wide variety of beverages that are in a cooler on the right side of the counter. They have the regular american drinks as well as a number of asian beers and non alcoholic asian drinks like coconut water.

The atmosphere

The restaurant is located right off the casino floor, but it is separated enough that it doesn’t feel like you are eating at a casino. The restaurant also has enough asian decor to at least help make it feel like a real asian restaurant.

The bottom line

Pho Mein is a good place to grab a meal especially if you want to get a little something in your stomach before you go sing karaoke at Brew Brothers. Friday and Saturday, Pho Mein is open until 2 am for those nights when you have been partying it up at Bubinga.

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