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Epic Crawl 2017

Kristen and I did the Epic Crawl in Reno on Saturday. I dressed as alternate universe Spock and Kristen went as Jadzia Dax. The street were littered with inebriated cosplayers and we got to witness a giant lightsaber battle at Harrah’s.

Kristen and Justin Star Trek Kristen Dax

Justin Spock Vader Rey Duel

Epic Crawl Steam Punk Cloud Strife Lightsaber

Cloud Strife! He even had the sword, but he was getting ready for the lightsaber battle at the time.


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Bike Ride to Camp Richardson

Kristen and I rode our bikes to Camp Richardson for some world famous Rum Runner on Sunday. Kristen was scared to death most of the ride, but we made it through in one piece.


Kristen biking


Kristen biking on bridge


Kristen and I biking


Kristen and I Camp Richardson


Kristen on Camp Richardson beach


Camp Richardson


Camp Richardson Rum Runners

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Boise-Seattle-Portland (BSP) Road Trip

We arrived in Boise Idaho and hung out with my Uncle Eddy and Grandma Bea.

The next day we hit the skatepark for a bit

The following day we got a round of disc golf in at Eagle Island

After Boise we made our way to Oregon, with our first stop in Pendleton


Jeremy and I stayed at our first AirBnB south of Seattle Washington

We got one full day to explore Seattle

The next day we headed to Portland and met up with some friends.

Boise-Seattle-Portland (BSP) skate montage



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Toronto Day 4






Started the day with a stroll through campus.




Then we briefly toured parliament




Afterwards we took the bus to the Woodbine casino and race track


We all are dinner together in Little Italy and watched a very entertaining awards ceremony


We ended the evening with a little pub hopping. You know you have found the right spot when they serve 40s of OE

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Toronto Day 3

The future is here



Went down to city hall to purchase a temporary parking permit in the morning


Then I met up with the class to go to the Rotman School of Business and we competed using their market simulator. I got 3rd.





Afterwards we went on a scavenger hunt and ended up at Jack Astor’s in downtown Toronto




Then we went to the CBC before a debate.






Ended the evening with a bit of wandering and bar hopping.

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Metal at Knuckleheads

knuckleheads reno nevada shuffle boardLast weekend my roommate and I went down to Knuckleheads Bar & Grill to watch a band I used to play for called “Half a Tusk” as well as a couple of other bands. The show was supposed to start at 8:00, but like most local shows I figured it would be late so we got there at 8:30.

When we walked in I was happy to find that they weren’t charging a cover. I then walked over to catch up with my old band mates a bit. After a little chit-chatting I walked over to the bar get a round of beers. While walking up to the bar I saw a sign for a bucket of 5 Rolling Rocks for $8.75 (Can’t beat that). I went ahead and got a bucket and proceeded to doll them out.

It still didn’t look like anybody was getting on stage soon, but I didn’t have a problem with that, because they have free shuffle board. The table might not be quite as nice as The Blind Onion, but who cares. We ended up getting our fare share of shuffle board in, because the first band “Hell Pig” didn’t come on until 9:30.

half a tusk knuckle heads reno nevadaHell Pig was a little gimmicky with the front man wearing a slaughter pig mask and playing various sound clips between songs. They did put on a good show though. After Hell Pig was Half a Tusk. These guys just love to shred. Both guitar players are very talented. If you enjoy good guitar playing regardless of your predisposition to metal I recommend giving these guys a listen. After Half a Tusk I said good bye to my old band mates as the were breaking down and went home with my roommate.

The bar

Knuckleheads would most likely be filed under a dive bar. I tend to enjoy dive bars and Knuckleheads is no exception. The staff for the most part has always been friendly and the place is kept clean.

One thing I really like about Knuckleheads is that they offer no shortage of things to do. In addition to the shuffle board table they have two pool table, dart boards, pinball machines, and a ping-pong table.

The menu

If you are just coming in for a drink they usually have some sort of deal going on. Last time I cam to Knuckleheads they were offering $3 Third-Shift and you got to keep the glass. Other than that they have a full bar with beer wine and liquor.

The food probably doesn’t rank well through Weight Watchers, but if you want some greasy bar food then Knuckleheads is the place to go. Like their drinks the food is quite reasonably priced. Knuckleheads offers burgers, jalapeno poppers, chicken wings, and even a couple of different pasta dishes.

The bottom line

If you don’t mind or even enjoy a bit of a dive atmosphere, then I highly recommend checking out Knuckleheads. They offer a fun atmosphere with affordable food and drinks. If you prefer a more mellow experience then go on a weeknight. If you enjoy the local music scene and especially metal, Knuckleheads usually has shows every weekend.

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An Evening at The Blind Onion

blind onion pizza sparks reno nevadaLast night two friends and I decided to go get some Pizza at The Blind Onion. We ended up going to their newest location on Los Altos Parkway. After grabbing a seat we looked at the menu and decided to order a large “Boss” pizza. The boss comes with olive oil, citrus chicken, red onions, cooked tomatoes, and garlic. While waiting for our pizza we got a game of shuffle board going on their awesome shuffle board table. The pizza came out soon after we finished our game and as usual it was delicious.

The atmosphere

blind onion sparks shuffle boardThis location is substantially bigger than the other locations. This location has a very earthy wood feel to it, yet it still maintains that fun atmosphere of their other locations. They have children’s pictures of “The Blind Onion” hung up by the bathrooms. On the Tables they have six-pack holders with various shakers and a bottle of hot sauce in it and in true Blind Onion fashion a giant bottle of honey next to it. I have always found The Blind Onion to have great service and this location was no exception. Last but not least, having a shuffle board table is a big plus! Apparently the design on the table was made by a few of The Blind Onion employees.

The menu

blind onion pizza sparks nevadaThe Blind Onion is not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to new pizzas. They also offer various appetizers including BBQ wings as wells as salads and sandwiches. For drinks they offer a number of different beers in bottle and on draft as well as wine and soda.

Other locations

Upon going to The Blind Onion’s I was surprised to find out that they have locations in Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Canada. In Reno they have the Los Altos location as well as a location in South Reno and one in Victorian Square in Sparks.

In addition to the The Blind Onion the owners own Wild Garlic Pizza and Pub. This restaurant currently has a site that is under construction so all I know is that they have a location in the airport and another location on Mt. Rose Street.

The bottom line

I think The Blind Onion makes a great pizza as well as providing a fun atmosphere. I am curious about Wild Garlic (Blog post coming soon). Comment and let me know if you have tried Wild Garlic.


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