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A Nice Breakfast at Sparks Coffee Shop

This morning a few friends and I were calling each other back and forth trying to figure out what we wanted to do for breakfast. I decided to jump on Foursquare and see if I could find some place new to try. I ended up stumbling on Sparks Coffee Shop. The pictures and tips on Foursquare showed Sparks Coffee Shop to be a full service breakfast and lunch restaurant as opposed to just being a coffee shop.

sparks coffee shopMy friends all came over to my house were we got in one care and drove down to Sparks Coffee Shop. We pulled up to the restaurant which looks like a bland red house far removed from any other business on Oddie and El Rancho. We walked into the restaurant and were promptly seated in a booth.  As I looked around I was surprised at the amount of decor especially compared to the outside of the restaurant. It was pretty clear by the decorations that Sparks Coffee Shop is owner by a mexican family.

As I looked through the menu I noticed that Sparks Coffee Shop has a pretty extensive menu for both breakfast and lunch. While they offered a number of Mexican dishes like Huevos Rancheros, the menu was very “American” with omelets, hamburgers, etc…  The first thing that caught my eye and what I ended up ordering was the crab cake benedict with a side of fruit.

All the plates that came out looked delicious and were in large portions. My crab cake benedict was very tasty. The crab cakes themselves tasted like good crab meat and the hollandaise complimented them well. The fruit was fresh and juicy.

The bottom line

Despite the name, Sparks Coffee Shop is much more than a coffee shop. I think they may have some issues their branding. They have great food, great service, and reasonable prices. I recommend giving it a try. What are some of your favorite breakfast spots in Sparks?

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