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Relaxed yet Refined: Campo

Last night my parents came into town with two of their friends. My parents’ friends had heard good things about Campo and wanted to go their for dinner. Since the Owner Mark Estee had just spoke in my Personal Branding Class taught by Bret Simmons, I was eager to go there.

Sangria Water Campo Reno NevadaWe proceeded to walk up to the counter where we were promptly greeted by a hostess. We gave her our name for our reservation and she promptly seated us at our prepared table. As we all get seated our waiter asked us if we wanted water or if we would like complimentary sparkling water. I love sparkling water and actually have Soda Stream at home for just that purpose, so of course I asked for the sparkling water. The waiter offered to bring us a pitcher of each. After he left we perused their extensive drink menu and agreed on a pitcher of the Sangria. Along with the Sangria our waiter also brought is a couple plates of Campo’s home-made focaccia  bread. The Sangria came with lemon and lime slices floating in it which added a nice flavor to the drink. The bread was obviously fresh and tasty as well.

For the main course I ended up ordering the shrimp risotto which was firmer than most risotto that I have had, but delicious none the less. I managed to snag a bite of the gnocchi, roasted duck, and a slice of the fried polenta. The gnocci came with peas, ham, guanciale, and local queso fresco. The sauce was light and helped bring out the flavor, and the ham was delicious and I thought made the dish. The roasted duck was a bit tough but flavorful. I had never had fired polenta before, but I was presently surprised.

After the meal we tried to order my mother’s favorite dessert, bread pudding, which is supposed to be delicious at Campo. The waiter regretted to inform us however that is had recently been replaced with chocolate peanut butter mouse cake, so we ended up not getting any dessert.

The atmosphere

Campo has a very relaxed atmosphere. Above all the tables are bare light bulbs. The tables are simply finished wood planks. All of the staff are in Campo logo t-shirts. The wine glasses are just glasses, no stems here. The music is subtle yet interesting. One piece of music I noticed was an accordion jazz song. During the summer the patio section is full of chairs, couches, and tables for people to enjoy the Truckee River during their meal.

The food and drinks

Gnocchi Campo Reno NevadaCampo offers a number of interesting starters such as the pickle plate and crispy pig parts. Campo also offers cheese and salumi plates, or if you can’t decide you can order the grand tasting. As with most Italian restaurants, Campo has a large selection of pizzas, pastas, and a number of different entrees. The many of the menu items are constantly rotating or as they put it at Campo “Of The Moment”. The dessert menu consists of a few cakes, ice creams, and a cheese plate.

The drink selection is quite extensive. The wine menu is two pages offering a number of wines by the glass, carafe, and bottle as well as sangria by the pitcher. Campo offers four different beers on draft as well as a number of other by the bottle and can. They also have an extensive cocktail menu with some quite exotic drinks.

The bottom line

Campo really caters to those who are really willing to explore with their pallet. A good portion of the menu rotates regularly and many of the items both on the food menu and drink menu are not you average Italian restaurant menu items. If you enjoy good food and drink but like a relaxed atmosphere then Campo is right for you. Please let me know how your experiences have been at Campo.

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An Evening at The Blind Onion

blind onion pizza sparks reno nevadaLast night two friends and I decided to go get some Pizza at The Blind Onion. We ended up going to their newest location on Los Altos Parkway. After grabbing a seat we looked at the menu and decided to order a large “Boss” pizza. The boss comes with olive oil, citrus chicken, red onions, cooked tomatoes, and garlic. While waiting for our pizza we got a game of shuffle board going on their awesome shuffle board table. The pizza came out soon after we finished our game and as usual it was delicious.

The atmosphere

blind onion sparks shuffle boardThis location is substantially bigger than the other locations. This location has a very earthy wood feel to it, yet it still maintains that fun atmosphere of their other locations. They have children’s pictures of “The Blind Onion” hung up by the bathrooms. On the Tables they have six-pack holders with various shakers and a bottle of hot sauce in it and in true Blind Onion fashion a giant bottle of honey next to it. I have always found The Blind Onion to have great service and this location was no exception. Last but not least, having a shuffle board table is a big plus! Apparently the design on the table was made by a few of The Blind Onion employees.

The menu

blind onion pizza sparks nevadaThe Blind Onion is not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to new pizzas. They also offer various appetizers including BBQ wings as wells as salads and sandwiches. For drinks they offer a number of different beers in bottle and on draft as well as wine and soda.

Other locations

Upon going to The Blind Onion’s I was surprised to find out that they have locations in Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Canada. In Reno they have the Los Altos location as well as a location in South Reno and one in Victorian Square in Sparks.

In addition to the The Blind Onion the owners own Wild Garlic Pizza and Pub. This restaurant currently has a site that is under construction so all I know is that they have a location in the airport and another location on Mt. Rose Street.

The bottom line

I think The Blind Onion makes a great pizza as well as providing a fun atmosphere. I am curious about Wild Garlic (Blog post coming soon). Comment and let me know if you have tried Wild Garlic.


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March Madness at Pizza Reno

On Saturday amidst the March Madness I received a call from one of my friends telling me to meet them at Pizza Reno. I was already downtown taking pictures for my brand video so I though I would stop by, say hello, and watch some college hoops. As I do with any business I walk into now, I whipped out my phone, opened Evernote, and started taking notes and snapping pictures.

The atmosphere

Though I had been here a number of times before, I have never taken the time to really examine Pizza Reno. The outside has a small patio area with a few tables and chairs. Inside Pizza Reno offers a unique atmosphere. Not Texas Road House unique where they throw up a bunch of old western stuff and a few beer signs and call it unique. I mean Reno unique.

On the wall to the right is a long shelf with various artifacts like old lanterns and a sheep skull. Under the shelf is a number of different pictures of Reno from before my time. Between these pictures is a case with all different chips and matches from casinos in the area.

pizza renoOn the other side is the bar. Behind the bar are shelves of empty Fireball bottles. Every time somebody finishes a bottle of Fireball they get to sign, draw, or doodle what ever they want on the bottle to be displayed.

The menu

In addition to pizza Pizza Reno also offers hotdogs and chicken wings. The bar is more extensive than most pizza places with a full selection of liquor, wine, and six different beers on draft. Unfortunately I had just eaten so I didn’t get to try a slice of pizza.

The bottom line

Pizza Reno offers an atmosphere unique to Reno where customers can casually come in and grab a slice and a beer. Please let me know of some other great pizza places in Reno.


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