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Relax and Look Good at Tres Image

I am not very picky when it comes to hair cuts. My standard hair cut is a #4 on top with a #2 on the sides, so usually my hair cuts are either from whichever one of my friends I can talk into buzzing my hair or taking a trip down the street to Super Cuts.

I just recently got a new job, and my roommate who does nails at Tres Image offered to buy me a haircut at her salon to celebrate. I accepted her offer and she set the appointment.

The salon

Tres_Image_Salon_Reno_NevadaThe salon is located by Sparky’s on the west side of town on 4th and McCarran. When you drive up to the Salon, it looks like a bland stucco house with a couple of faded pictures of sheik haircuts in the windows. When you walk in however, the feel is quite different.

The entire salon is clean with a very open feel to it. Directly in front of you are shelves with all of the different shampoos and conditioners they sell as well as a number of purses and handbags. I pretty much just buy Procter and Gamble everything and don’t often wear a purse so I didn’t pay to much attention. I did notice however that they had stickers next to each product stating which stylist recommends which product. I thought this gave the products a much more personal feel.

The experience

The treatment I received was far beyond what I get a Super Cuts. After checking in I was asked what I would like to drink. I was a little surprised so I asked what they had. The lady proceeded to lis off a number of drinks including Coke, Diet Coke, Coors Light, white wine, and a number of others. Though sucking down a cold one was tempting, 3:00 was a little early for me to start drinking. The lady politely asked me to sit down in the waiting area as she went to get my drink.

Soon after, another lady came and brought me to the sink to wash my hair before I got my cut. The wash felt much more like a head massage and was quite relaxing compared to my frantic scrubbing before work every morning. I was then seated for my hair cut. I told described my usual buzz cut and that I wanted something a little more stylish. He pondered for a bit and then went to work. He made the hair cut enjoyable with good small talk. Most importantly I came out with a good haircut.

The bottom line

Tres Image is a bit more expensive than your standard salon, but if you are looking to treat yourself the money is well worth it. Please let me know about some other great salon experiences that you may have had.

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