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Jus Up

During one of my lunches at work I was just kinda aimlessly walking around the Walmart shopping center on Damonte Ranch and Virginia when I stumbled upon Jus. On the outside windows are large pictures of fruit. I walked in saw many more pictures of fruit along with a juice bar. Intrigued I began asking the girl behind the counter some questions about the business. It turns out it is locally owner, the only one of its kind, and Jus just opened last year. I thanked the girl and made a mental note to go back and get juice during my next lunch.

Monday I did just that. This time when I came in it was a young guy behind the counter. I told him I wanted a juice and asked him for suggestions. He was very enthusiastic listing off some of the different menu items and some of his favorites. I ended up getting a large Fortify. The Fortify is cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, and apple. The guy behind the counter agreed with my choice and stressed the fact that the drink contained 6 servings of vegetables. As he handed me the green concoction I was a little nervous, but it ended up being delicious.

The menu

Jus Reno Nevada Menu

The menu is very simple, Jus makes and sells fresh jucie. Unlike a Jamba Juice or Keva Juice which focus more on smoothies, Jus has more of a vegetable focus in its menu. Jus does offer a smoothie menu and a lemonade menu for those preferring a sweeter fruitier drink. For those with a real sweet tooth, Jus offers a dessert menu mixing chocolate, honey, vanilla, and granola with various fruits. For those far more health conscious than myself, Jus sells wheatgrass and ginger shots as well as acai berry bowls.

The bottom line

To some extent I think we are trying to live a little healthier, and I have no doubt that grabbing a drink at Jus is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. As well as being healthy, I found my drink to be quite tasty. Jus isn’t the cheapest place on the block with drinks starting at $4, but if you compare that to most of the drinks at Starbucks I think it is pretty reasonable. I think Jus is a great concept and I hope they have continued success.

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A Relaxing Aroma in Reno

On Tuesday I had some time to kill while I was waiting for my Toastmasters group to start, so I decided to stop by The Aroma Club and utilize their free WiFi to get some homework done. The Aroma Club is located just behind the Round Table in the Old Town Mall. With the exception of a small sign on the side walk in the parking lot you would never know it is there. I think The Aroma Club is one of the best kept secrets in Reno as far as coffee shops go. The Aroma Club is owned by a russian family who have a different spin on what a coffee shop should be.

The atmosphere

Aroma ClubWalking in you immediately get a sense of relaxation. It almost feels like you are walking into a green house with plants on the walls, floor, and tables. In the background they have some oldies music playing. I have found that the people there are always quite friendly.

Beyond the main coffee shop area, they have a back room that they allow large groups to use as long as they order food or drinks. The room is perfect for holding anything from meetings to small yoga classes. I don’t know who would have yoga classes in a coffee shop, but you could…

The menu

Aroma Club LatteThe most intriguing part of The Aroma Club for me is the menu. For starters, they don’t serve coffee. They do however serve a wide variety of coffee drinks like espressos, americanos, mochas, and lattes among other things. I’m far from a coffee aficionado, but I’m sure the menu would please even the most avid coffee drinker.

I am however a big fan of food, and The Aroma Club goes far beyond your standard coffee shop menu of muffins and donuts. On a small chalkboard by the counter where you order they have the quiche of the day. In their largely vegetarian menu they have a number of other quiches, 11 different freshly made wraps, as well as five home made soups to choose from.

The bottom line

If you love your coffee but want to try something different, The Aroma Club is the place for you. They offer a relaxing atmosphere and in the number of times that I have been there, it has not been crowded at all. Please tell me about some of the other great coffee shops that Reno has to offer.


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Something New with Pneumatic

Pneumatic FrontMy two roommates and I decided to have lunch at Pneumatic Diner. To get to the diner we entered an apartment building. From there we proceeded up a couple flights of stairs lined with various paintings and christmas lights. At the front entrance is an old car hood that was converted into a sign listing the day’s specials.

A unique atmosphere

When we entered we were greeting buy a younger guy in a beanie, t-shirt, and jeans who kindly handed us three menus and told us we could sit wherever we liked. As we walked to our seat I noticed the music which almost sounded like something out of “Bitches Brew” by Miles Davis.

Pneumatic InsideThe restaurant consists of a middle bar area surrounded by table along the walls. All of the food is prepared right behind the bar with a ladder in the back of the bar leading to the refrigerator. The walls have an assortment of paintings by a local artist. The ceiling is converted in a seemingly random assortment of neon lights.

As we flipped through the menu my roommates noticed the peculiar way in which the menu items where put into categories such as American Food with Italian Names, American Food with Mexican Names, and American Food with Dumb Names.

Vegetarian delights

Pneumatic Diner is a vegetarian restaurant. My roommates both took my recommendation of the calzone. The calzone consists of vegetarian meatballs and marinara sauce wrapped in a tortilla, is smothered in cheese and more marinara sauce, and is served with a few sliced of french bread. Looking for something a little lighter I decided to order the Shredder-Bazucca. The Shredder-Bazucca consists of shredded potatoes mixed with an array of vegetables and mushrooms in a light and slightly sweet sauce.

The bottom line

If you like exploring restaurants a bit out of the ordinary and don’t mind giving up meat for at least one meal, Pneumatic is great places for lunch or dinner. Pneumatic offers a fun environment coupled with a delicious menu. The prices are also very affordable with almost everything on the menu being under $10. If you are interested in other reviews of Pneumatic, please read the review by¬†Vegan Coach. Please let me know of any other great vegetarian restaurants in the area.

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