A Brave New World with the DoL ruling

In 2017 financial advisors are now considered fiduciaries regarding IRA accounts according to the Department of Labor (DoL). A fiduciary is someone who puts the benefit of the owner/beneficiary of the assets over their own. Ideally, every financial advisor should always be putting their client’s benefit over their own. Unfortunately, the financial industry has had a […]

How to Think About Annuities

How to Think About Annuities

A quick Google search of “Annuity Strategy” will yield almost 1 million results. It is not difficult to find someone to dole out annuity advice. The first thing anyone shopping for annuities should know is that an annuity is an insurance product. People don’t think that they will become extremely wealthy off of their home […]

5 Reasons for Financial Planning in your 50s

A person in their 50s is in a unique situation when it comes to planning for retirement. A person in their 50s most likely has established their career as well as their lifestyle, yet they still have 10-20 years before retirement. Having a relatively stable lifestyle with retirement in the not too distant future makes […]

Cash Flow is King in your 30s

At some point in most peoples’ 30s they have a clearer picture of where their life is going. For a person who graduates with a four year college degree for instance, by the time they are in their mid 30s they have about 10 years of professional experience. Assuming a person has used their 20s […]